Liquid Force Shane Hybrid 134


$589.00 $199.00

Shane’s new board represents the ultimate in the evolution of our hybrid technology. Featuring our lightest core configuration, the most defined hull contours, and our Grind base strength, the Shane Hybrid is the perfect All Terrain Ride. With just the right amount of flex and durability, you’ll be pressing and sliding everything in sight. When behind the boat, the powerful drive of the crisp hull shape and its lively response will amaze you. Shane has testing these concepts since their inception. Now this is all he rides! Grab one now for yourself and join the Team!


LF Exclusive M6 Metric Inserts
The best board to binding hold ever… more threads provide tighter, more secure hold.

Hybrid Technology
A well tested performance hull shape and responsive flex construction delivers the board that excels in all terrains.

LF Exclusive GRIND Base
The ultimate in durability from our sintered base material while maintaining the hull shape.

Aggressive, Three Stage Rocker
For blowing up off the wake to catch-free transitions in the parks, this rocker style works wherever you need it.

Double to Triple Concave Hull
Double through center displaces water for softer landings with no speed loss.
Triple Concave at ends for ollie power and pop with superior edge hold.

LF Exclusive Liquid Rail
Elastomeric sidewall for the ultimate rail bond and unsurpassed durability.

Precision CNC Wood/PVC Core
Combination hybrid core provides the most responsive flex and the lightest core.
Wood gives superior strength and flex. PVC keeps it as light as possible.

Triax Glass Layup
Special weave provides torsional control with just the right spring and flex.

LF Slider Quad Fin Setup
Long base slider fins for extra hold and a durable grinding surface with Quad Fin Setup.