Liquid Force Harley 135


$439.00 $349.00

Liquid Force Harley 135

Young superstar Harley Clifford is as diverse of a rider as they come… He wins nearly every contest he enters, is blowing minds with his free riding, and kills it on rails. His board needs to be fast, carve hard, and give him the boost that he needs to land the next “never done before” trick. The Harley does all of this… and more! Step up your game with the Harley!



NEW, LF Exclusive M6 Metric Inserts
The best board to binding hold ever… more threads provide tighter, more secure hold.

Aggressive 3 Stage Rocker
Straight up boosts off the wake

Triple Concave into Quad V Channels
Triple Concave is provided for pillow soft landings with continued speed and never ending flow. Quad V channels create fast rail to rail edging and grip

Low volume, variable edge rails
Faster on edge with more hold… smooth and catch-free thru middle

Carbon-X Configuration (+-45)
Designed within Harley’s specifications, this X increases torsional rigidity through the control zone of the board.

Small RX Quad Fin Setup
Short, low profile blades for low drag and superior control

Rider weight: 120-190 lbs.