The totally unofficial Costa Rican 2014 Wakeboarding Championships!

copa flyzone wakeboard comp
copa flyzone wakeboard comp

Come and join us, just for fun! Anyone who can get up on a wakeboard is invited to participate.
Let’s wakeboard, eat, drink, party; have a good time!

We’ll have 4 categories:
– Kids (max. 14 yrs)
– Women
– Men
– Men advanced (minimum one invert)

Location: Lake Arenal, Puerto San Luis (Tilarán)
Registration fee: $15

8.00 Registration (at Red Bull tent)
9.00 Briefing (at Red Bull tent)
9.15 Start Comp
9.15    Kids
10.15   Women
11.15   Men
12.00   Men Advanced
1.00 Break
2.00 Finals Kids
2.30 Finals Women
3.00 Finals Men
3.30 Double Up Contest
4.30 Awards Ceremony
5.00 BBQ
-> Fiesta!

Schedule might change!

Hotel Puerto San Luis will be offering friendly priced pincho’s, hamburgers and other grilled food, and beverages at the event. No need to haul all those heavy coolers down! Hotel Puerto San Luis is helping in making this event possible, so please support them as well. Thanks!***STAY***

Hotel Puerto San Luis is kindly offering a discount for people coming to the competition:
Habitaciones dobles por $70,
triples $85,
cuádruples por $100 (todas las habitaciones tienen dos camas matrimoniales),
y el apartamento con capacidad para 5 pax por $125.
Todos los precios incluyen desayuno e impuestos.

Please contact the hotel for more info or to make a reservation.

Thanks for the cooperation Hotel Puerto San Luis!

– All riders must wear a life vest.
– Each rider shall be allowed two passes through the wakeboard course during which time he may perform any routine he chooses.
– Judging of the routine begins when the rider enters the wakeboard course and ends when the rider exits the wakeboard course, or falls for a second time, or falls for the first time but within 100 meters of the end of the course of the 2nd run.
– Fallen rider must signal to towboat that he/she is OK.
– Riders are encouraged to perform a smooth flowing routine with a wide variety of tricks. Each maneuver should be different and executed as cleanly as possible and taken to its limit.
– The judge(s) will score the contestants in each of the following three categories:
a) Execution
This reflects the level of technical difficulty and perfection of each maneuver performed, as well as the successful completion of the entire run with a minimum of falls.
b) Intensity
This reflects the degree of performance to which each maneuver was performed in terms of how big the moves were, as well as the overall performance of the run.
c) Composition
This reflects the overall composition of the run in terms of rider’s ability to perform a variety of maneuvers in a flowing, creative sequence. This also includes the difficulty of moves performed in an overall run.

More info coming soon.

Let’s ride!